why is this page rather empty?

The contact page designed use to have a function, where visitors can leave comments. You can almost imagine this page is a 3 column page, with comments in the middle and the form on the right. However, this function is rather abused by spammers. And incase you are wondering, yes I do have some anti-spamming protection in my form but I suspect they are human spammers that just go about spamming pages. Anyway, the commenting function also requires the web server to have mySql, which I don't have much usage yet. Until I get the time to add in a bit of functions that requires mySql, the commenting functions will just have to wait.


note: this is my spam disposal email, which I used for subscriptions and registrations in webpages and other service. It is in the list of various spammers and hence I do not check it very often. However, when I do check it, I do scan through all emails myself. Hence, your email will be read unless its subject looks very spam-like.